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  Upadhyaya Amarmuniji

This is the English translation of a book in Hindi by Upadhyaya Amarmuniji, a great Jain saint and founder of Veerayatan, an institution striving to serve the poor and needy better in India’s poorest state of Bihar.

In this book Amarmuniji has placed before us a  all-round complete analysis of human life, be it spirituality, religion, society, nation, culture or ethics. Amarvani advises the reader not to waste time in ritualistic worship of idols but to clean the inner temple of his heart and worship the deity in that inner temple. It advises you not to idle away your time in spiritual/religious rituals but perform your personal and social duties, without bothering about the fruits thereof and with an attitude of public welfare. It clearly states that to march ahead is to live and to stop is death.  It advises you to introspect whether you have done your role of a father, mother, brother, son, neighbour and even of an official and a shopkeeper properly.

Amarvani is not  quite a religious text but a guide to the Art of Living for persons from any religion, though the background of the book is naturally Jain.

This translation was done on the instructions of Acharya Shree Chandanaji, a disciple of Amarmuniji. She is the first woman to  ever receive this title in the Jain tradition and a founder of  Veerayatan in the hostile and inaccessible environment in Bihar. Veerayatan is the first Jain institution where the concept of service is not only preached by monks and nuns, but also practiced by them. Through Veerayatan, she started a spiritual and cultural movement and introduced a new chapter in the history of the Jain religion. Veerayatan is doing a great service of rehabilitation and education to hundreds of  children orphaned or made destitute in the great earthquake at Bhuj. Veerayatan also has a branch near Pune.


1. Vishwa-Mangal (Welfare of the Universe)

1. The Fundamental Question
2. Greatness
3. Equality
4. Truth, Purity and Beauty
2.  Life
1. The Art Of Living
2. Humanness
3. Superior Man
4. Youth
3. Spiritual Effort
1. March Forward
2. Faith
3. Devotion
4. Knowledge
5. Detachment
6. Feelings
7. Self-purification
8. Inner Vision
4. Shraman Culture
1. Shraman culture
2. Being a Jain
3. Soul is God
4. Dogma of Action
5. Religion and Non-religion
1. Religion
2. Non-religion
3. Basic Principles of Character Development
4. Knowledge and Action
6. Society and Sangha
1. Society
2. Sangha
3. Education
4. Woman
7.  Scattered Pearls
1. Scattered Pearls
2. Learn From These Too
3. Oh Human Being!
4. Saints

                                                                                    - V . V. Shirvaikar

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