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Readers have been waiting anxiously for a long time for this immortal publication from the “Shri Sanmati Gyanpeeth”.  I am very happy to present it to them today.  I can authoritatively say that this publication occupies the highest position among the publications of the Gyanpeeth.

Thousands of scientists under this blue sky are investigating this earth and discovering where inside the earth coal is located, where iron lies hidden, where the mines of silver, gold and diamonds are present, where oil and gasoline are flowing.  Hundreds of scientists study the sky and see when the different planets rise and set.  They discover new planets in the sky and study what their effects are going to be on the world.  Hundreds of scientists are studying the sea and every drop of water is analysed to see how much atomic energy and electric energy it contains.

Thus, the earth is being studied, the sky is being searched, and the sea is being churned by man.  But it is regrettable that man is forgetting himself even after doing all this and even after studying everything, man is ignorant about himself.  What a strange play by man it is!  It is the irony of this life that even after seeing and studying everything, man is blind towards himself.  What is the meaning of this external study in life as long as man does not study himself, does not search himself?

The great poet has shone like a true scientist on the golden pages of Amarvani.  He has studied and analysed the human life in depth.  He has searched the human soul by reaching inner depths of life, examined his tendencies and caught his feelings. 

Really speaking, he has placed before us in the form of Amarvani, a complete all-round analysis of human life.  Be it spirituality, religion, society, nation, culture or decency, no aspect of life has been spared by his fine thinking.

From this angle, Amarvani is an eloquent new commentary, a great commentary on human life.  To speak more explicitly, Amarvani is such a science of life for the man of the new age, which by remaining far away from the limitations of caste, class, tradition and sect, teaches the true art of living to every human being, pointing to him the true direction of life. 

Alas, if only man could learn that art today, give that human science a shape in the laboratory of life, become a man in true sense!

Not only do I hope but am very certain that readers will find this third edition a great boon for a new dawn of life.



Shri Sanmati Gyanpeeth,



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