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DATTATREYA TRADITION (DATTA-PARAMPARA):  Shri Dattatreya is a popular deity in Western India, especially Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra and Gujarat.  Dattatreya according to Purana myths was the son of Rishi Atri and Anasuya.  Analysis of ancient literature presented here indicates that he was born in about 2450 BC in Atri lineage but his mother’s name is not known. He was a householder with a son but must have renounced the world later. Though Puranas depict him as an avatar of Vishnu, the Nath sect considers him an avatar of Shiva.  These revelations need not disturb the pious who believe in the Purana myths for basically worship of Dattatreya implies worship of the Supreme entity Brahman which is not different from the Dattatreya Principle.  

Four saints: Shripad Shrivallabha, Narsimha Saraswati, Swami Samarth and Manik Prabhu  are recognized as avatars of Dattatreya and have a large following even decades and centuries after their Samadhi.  In addition to these there are many famous Dattatreya devotees who lived during the past few centuries until the present times who have kept and are still keeping the Tradition of Dattatreya worship alive.  These webpages give the historical aspects of Dattatreya′s birth and biographies of the Avatars and many famous devotees.  Many spiritual aspects like Shaktipat, Mantras, places of pilgrimage etc are also discussed. 


PART I – Birth Of Dattatreya

PART II – Advice to Ancient Disciples

PART III – First Avatar: Shripad Shrivallabh

PART IV - Second Avatar: Shri Narasimha Saraswati

PART V-A - Third Avatar: Shri Swami Samarth

PART V-B – Disciples Of Shri Swami Samarth

PART VI  - Fourth Avatar : Shri  Manik Prabhu

PART VII-1 - Famous Devotees of Dattatreya: Part 1

PART VII-2 - Famous Devotees of Dattatreya: Part 2

PART VII-3 - Famous Devotees of Dattatreya: Part 3

PART VII-4 - Famous Devotees of Dattatreya: Part 4

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